Monday, March 19, 2012

our 2030 plan

                NYC’s 2030 plan is about building a more sustainable NYC.  The plan covers the main goals of electricity, water, solid waste, transportation, and parks and public places.  Are PSA have demonstrated how the city will achieve these goals.  Are pursuable essays will tell you three structures we would like in the cities plan.      

our script

S—The Gowanus Canal is gross as it is a waste river.
P—there is lots of garbage in Public Place. 
M—it could take a long time to clean.

M—there is a shortage of hospitals in the area.
P—the city is wasting Public Place’s potential.  This area could be used for a hospital.
S—Union Oil, Public Place’s old owners and polluters, also dumped oil into the Canal.

P—it’s possible to dispose of all the trash in Public Place, and we will.
S—some efforts have been made to clean the Canal and Public Place but they were minor due to low budgets.  But this will be changed.
M—we’ll turn Public Place into the homes of necessary housing. 

P—if we open shops of other small businesses, they will thrive and create jobs. 
M—We will create environmentally friendly housing.
S—The Canal should be used for leisures such as swimming and canoeing, not an environment for old, toxic oil.

S—With the Canal clean, we can open up small business such as canoe tours and ferry stations.
P—These will be green small business by…
M—using green roofs and solar panels, we can achieve this.

P—Our land will be sustainable and green long term.
M—Building green, new housing will create many sustainable jobs for a city with an unemployment rate at 9.3.
S—A green Canal will also create many jobs such as water sports.

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our power point 

Rebuild Public Place Greener

                Plan “Rebuild Public Place Greener” (R.P.P.G.) will provide clean energy (my specialty topic), efficient housing (Sam’s specialty topic), and fresh produce to millions of citizens (collaborative subject).   We will creatively slope the Gowanus Canal to make our hydrokinetic bridge.  Our high rise apartment building are amazingly efficient with built in solar panels and green roof that will give any green house a run for its money.  And our beautiful parks and farm land will encourage New Yorkers to do what this country has always done and get fresh produce to avoid factory farms.  This is plan R.P.P.G.
                R.P.P.G. will be building a High Line-esque bridge crossing the Gowanus Canal from Public Place to a redeveloping side street.  Attached at the bottom of the bridge are two hydrokinetic wheels to power the redesigned Public Place and hopefully the neighborhood.  Although the Gowanus may not move very fast, we will strategically slope this part of the Canal so that way we will create a maximum amount of electricity.  This will benefit the Public Place community and other communities greatly because it will create electricity for all of Public Place and the neighboring communities.  It will provide a nice shady spot to sit down finish a cup of coffee or take a nice walk with a good view of the city.  Also the run down communities on the other side of the bridge are sure to grow because a ton of new people from high rise apartment buildings (who probably have families and can afford to sit down at a café or restaurant) will move in.  This will open up a lot of new small businesses and help connect Carroll Gardens and Park Slope even more.

                In addition to hydrokinetic bridges, our R.P.P.G. has set itself to another high standard goal which is making more efficient housing to support the Carroll Gardens and Public Place community.  These high rise apartments will provide affordable housing for small families.  These apartments will also help meet the goal of a green cityscape by providing big community green roofs on the top of the apartment.  In addition to this, each apartment will be given a small solar panel to help each family go a little bit greener.  The high concentration of apartments will also help the MTA in the area and small businesses.  Another good thing about having high rise apartment buildings is economic heating and cooling.  Since there is an attached home, they will help heat/cool the neighbor’s home greatly reducing the cost of energy.  Another key factor is that on the bottom of the apartment there will be an entire floor just for café/bagel/pastry lobby place and the food isn’t going to be like airport food.  We will have actual small businesses making these and hiring their own employees instead of having places like Starbucks or McDonalds.  This will help form a Public Place Community and even an apartment’s community by providing affordable access to see friends over the weekend.

                As for fresh produce our community gardens will take care of that.  R.P.P.G will be selling small plots of land for families living in Public Place and these will be supported by our locally owned and run gardening store.  These will consist of gardening and livestock lessons and equipment. These will help the city green-scape, clean air (with many benefits like less asthma, less coughing etc.etc.) and maybe most important keeping families healthy by: fighting obesity, and encouraging families to eat right, and avoiding factory farmed food.

                In conclusion it becomes clear that plan R.P.P.G is the best simply because it meets all the standards in every aspect including energy, affordable housing, and Green cityscape.  In fact it surpasses them.    The hydrokinetic bridge will provide the area with clean, renewable energy and a brighter economy.  The high rise, green, affordable apartment buildings equipped with miniature solar panels, green roofs and water efficient toilets will help the environment and bring hundreds of new consumers to the local economy.  Our parks and family-owned gardens will help re-teach us how to farm , eat healthy, and get outdoor exercise.   So come with us and follow plan R.P.P.G.